Time Zone : Eastern (GMT -5)
Todays Distance: 29 miles
Cycling time: 2 hrs 19 mins
Average Speed: 12.7 mph

Today’s cumulative ascent: 983 ft
Average Heart rate: 114 bpm

Distance so far: 4021 miles
Ascent so far: 129,857 feet.
Centuries so far: 13
Punctures so far: 11
Today’s Profile:

Today’s Route:
There is a double dedication for this special final day.
I cycled in gratitude to all those who have contributed to Providence because of this cycle. Your contributions go in full to the benefit of the children. The fund is still open for others to contribute.
I also cycled for the Unknown Soldier. There are people, I am sure that I should have mentioned. And there are children in Providence who did not appear in the dedications. Do not think that you are not included. You are. This most special day is for you.

Now on the final day. Unbelievable that it has arrived. This day will see the culmination of something that started almost two years ago as a grand notion and aspiration. I knew it would be an emotional one.

I had stayed in Ted’s house overnight and for the first time in seven weeks I didn’t have my bike in the bedroom. Would it be OK and cosy in the garage? Should I drop down during the night just to re-assure it in the early hours? However, both of us got through the night just fine.

Only had 29 miles to do today to complete the challenge. Today would be heavily charged so I was glad I got plenty of mileage done yesterday. Started at 11 am (a late start) on Walpole Road just where we had finished. The weather was fine though the forecast was for trouble. Still on rural roads for the 4 miles to the rendezvous with Bob.

Along the road I had to struggle to concentrate. The occasion was very much on my mind. A lapse could spell disaster at any moment. What a pity that would be. I spotted a number of roads that reassured me and I just knew that they were guiding me. There had been so many Charles Roads back Boston way and one near my route in Pawtuckett. No sign of a Barrie (Barry) Road. I didn’t really expect to see a Sinead Road or a Saoirse Street. As time went by and with Ted and Michael firmly in control of navigation I regained my focus. No call for any heroics at this stage (or at any stage)
We rendezvoused with Bob as arranged at the junction of Washington and Hickory Road just south of North Attleboro. He was going to lead me along a bike-friendly route to central Providence. The skies were inclined to put a stop to our gallop. Motorists at the junction suggested that we take shelter from the approaching storm. A nearby pharmacy was established as base. Very fortunate. For almost half an hour it bucketed and there was no going anywhere. When it had eased off and the lightning had stopped Bob and I pulled out for this stage….a little over twenty miles ahead.

With so much surface water about and trying to keep an eye on Bob there was no opportunity for photos. Puddles of water could be hiding serious hazards. Bob’s route zig-zagged through built-up areas and his flashers were my lifeline. If I lost those I was lost. He excelled by slowing at every type of junction. On the roads we took there was no Welcome to Rhode Island notice for a photo. The rain (eased a little) was another factor against photos.
I cycled through Cumberland and Pawtuckett and down Blackstone Boulevard (with its new bike lane) before swinging in by the Amtrak Station in Providence. The first thing I spotted inside the central concourse was a large welcome sign. I accepted graciously.
Ted had arranged a ‘few people’ for an official arrival at Water Place Park just beneath Rhode Island State House, atop of which stands the Independance Man. It is a Venice inspired area for strolling and for free concerts.
The plan was that I would arrive at 3.20 pm by coming through the tunnel at the far end and cycle around to the right to finish at the covered section. There had been pretty constant rain but it eased off at this stage.

I arrived to a welcome by the Mayor of Providence, David Cicilline, members of the India Association of Rhode Island, Michael Ryan, Pat Dalton (Golden and Providence) and many friends of Ted and Karin. It was emotional to finally complete but also to be received graciously. Michael and Ted had a Welcome banner up with the Ireland and India flags. In time the wind vented its anger on the same banner.
The mayor congratulated me on the achievement and presented a beautiful Citizens Citation. I was chuffed. I thanked all for their welcome and for being there and spoke of today as the culmination of an undertaking that was almost two years old. It was always going to be for the benefit of Providence from the start. The 4000 miles had been cycled; the USA had been traversed; the 54 days finished and the challenge complete. Thank God there had been no ill-effects or health issues. I had been so lucky.

Last night Ted and Karin hosted a reception in their beautiful home for friends to mark the conclusion. Was thrilled to meet so many genuinely interested people and relax in a friendly atmosphere.
Thank God for the health and thank god for the energy.

Distance cycled: 4,021 miles. (6721 km)
Hours of cycling: 288 hours.
Feet climbed: 129, 857 feet (25.76 miles or 41 km)
Calories burned: 252,509 calories.
Average Heartbeat: 109 beats per minute.
Average Cadence: 75 revs per minute.
Number of lbs lost ; 11 lbs
Centuries: 13
Punctures; 11
Days: 49 days cycling; 5 days rest.
States crossed : 15
Time Zones: 4

NB: There will one more general posting to the blog in the next few days. Thanks to all who kept in contact by means of it and to those who contributed comments.


Grainne said...

Congratulations from all the family in UK on completing your cycling odyssey from Pacific to Atlantic.Following your journey has been great fun and,through the dedications, we are very pleased to have made the aquaintance of all the children in Providence Shillong:"HELLO FROM LONDON"
Drastic and immediate action has to be taken to treat blog addiction symptons so we are decamping to rehab in Rosslare for tough cold turkey treatment in a safe boadbandless enviroment,away from all digital temptation...I hope we can pull through!
Hope to see you soon with love
Grainne,Mike,Tara,Peter,Nick,Helen,Richard,Clare and families

Eddie said...

I have just logged in to find a two line posting from you for day 54. I know you deserve a rest and I have no doubt that later on we will see a full account of your Day 54 but the short post emphasised to me how enjoyable your daily accounts have been. They really did give us a feeling of participation in your great adventure.
Congratulations once more.

Charles said...

Hey Dad, or should i say superman, after all those the two kids in Springfield did say you looked like Superman, and your certainly cycled like superman through the last 54 days. It must feel amazing to have crossed the finish line. Great to see you got such a brill welcome into Providence when you arrived, you deserved it. The children of Providence will forever be greatful for your enormous effort, generosity and courage, and we at home owe you a big thanks for the entertainment since day one. You have now given the wonderful kids of Providence a platform from which they can discover and realise their talents, just like you have always done with Sinead, Richard and Me.

Thanks for it all and enjoy the rest of your time in Providence, looking forward to you coming home.

Take Care

david quirke said...

Well done Dick on a great achievement from the Quirkes in Kingswell and all at Tullow Oil.
David Snr was well impressed looking at your pictures and updates recently when in Dublin.

All the best David Jnr

Sean said...

Audit department currently carrying out Truck Tally.You need to dip the wheel in the Irish Sea next.Well Done Richard.
Sean and Breda

Pat Corcoran said...

well done , great achievement
Congratulations Dick Dublin to sydney next
Pat Corcoran

Sinead said...

Very nicely put Charles, I concur completely.

Look Dad, now we're even using your blog to talk among ourselves... maybe it will live on? We can just keep commenting and commenting on day 54 :)

And would you look at that, your blog hits counter is now reading 324201, and the miles travelled is 4201 - how about that!! Ok, I refreshed the page twice (once for Barrie, once for Saoirse) to get to that number, but it's still pretty amazing - for each and every mile you cycled, someone was literally there with you, reading over your shoulder.

Take it easy now and enjoy a few juicy steaks from the barbie when you get home, accompanied by fresh veg from the garden that Charles has been taking good care of.

All our love,
Sinead, Barrie and Saoirse.

providence said...


rightfully the last word should belong to us : and so it will.
What have we experienced over the last 54 days ? Heroism, commitment, passion, dedication, concern and love, determination but most of all Richard Walsh.
and our tribute to you , unfortunately falls way short of the mark.
There is a dedication outside a historical site in Kohima , Nagaland .It bears minor editing and serious refreshing on a day like today : "for our tomorrow , he gave his today "
Thank you...thank you humbly and profoundly for the good you have done that you and I will never see. When every kid , years down the line is able to stand tall, head held high this historic cycle ride and this wonderful cyclist will be immortalised.

for your goodness, determination , kindness and grit :THANKS
Your Providence family

Paddy Fada said...

Well done Dick! Capall fir. Ceithre mhíle Fáilte romhat abhaile.Thing is, will it be safe to go to Thurles today without the back protector?

GJ said...

Richard, Congrats on completing the ride. I thought of you often those two days after we parted ways in Portsmouth. I really enjoyed our time riding together and hope our biking paths cross again in the future. Best regards, Gary